Pennywise: Felt Toy

I am a bit of a contradiction sometimes. I still love Disney Princesses, but I also enjoy horror movies and dark stories. One of my little cousins also shares these interests. One of her favourites is Pennywise the Clown. Last year for Christmas, I made my first felt toys for her: The Pattern was created by Cutest Voodoo on Etsy. I've been working on my hand sewing skills off and on for years now. I can do a few basic things on a machine, but I just find hand sewing more satisfying and fun, even if it does take longer. These felt toys are completely handmade. The details on the face are partially embroidered and part felt. I was impressed with how easy these were to make. Cutting them out took the longest, but the sewing was fairly quick. For the felt, I ordered a Merino Wool Blend from Gingermelon . This felt was soft and easy to work with. Also, the colours were perfect. The toys were a big hit with my cousin, although she was just as afraid of them as she was happy to have the

Book Review: It Calls from the Sky

                                                                                             A chilling collection of short horror stories featuring creatures that come from the sky. This is the first book from the It Calls series by Eerie River Publishing that I have read, and I hope to read more. Each story here is dark, twisted, and well-written. Despite the common theme, there is a wide variety of tales and creatures. I was impressed at how many different sky monsters there could be in one collection. My particular favourites are: Tenure by V. A. Vazquez - What sets this story apart is that the main character isn't present for the action. He's filling out a tenure application and receives updates through the telephone. This serves to make the tension all the stronger because we, the reader, like the character, are helpless to stop the horror and have to wait for updates. It's an effective writing technique. Heads in the Clouds by Matthew Brady - A story about a brother

First Publication

Introducing a new section to my blog: Publications! I have recently started writing and submitting short stories to various publications and am proud to announce my first acceptance. It's a Halloween themed flash fiction piece about an eerie costume party.  If you're curious, click on the link at the top and check it out. Hopefully, this is just the first of many acceptances.

Book Review: Forgotten Ones: Drabbles of Myth and Legend

  Review also posted on Goodreads Published by: Eerie River Publishing      A Drabble is a type of flash fiction that is exactly 100 words, not including the title. As you can imagine, presenting a complete, well written story in such a short piece is a challenge. Since reading this collection, I have been inspired to try my hand at writing a few drabbles myself and it is not easy. This is the first collection of drabbles I have ever read. The vast majority are perfectly unsettling and thought provoking. The stories are all based on myths and legends. There are a number from different cultures that fell a bit flat with me because I wasn't familiar with the references, but there were more than enough in this collection that worked for me. Anyone with even a passing knowledge of mythology can find something in here to enjoy. I will say that a collection of drabbles is hard to read straight through, but it is excellent for casual reading on the go or when you just want a little chi

Justice League Ready to Stitch

I picked up cross-stitching as a hobby to do while I watch TV and my first few pieces were gifts for my family members. I don't have pictures of all of them, but one of the earliest series I did was one featuring Justice League logos.  All of them were made on Ready-to-Stitch Frames that I found at Michael's. These are great. The aida cloth is already stretched over a frame and they are the perfect size for small pieces. They also cost around $13 for 3, so they are relatively inexpensive.     They are all based on free patterns I found on the internet and then adapted to suit the medium. I don't have links to them all anymore, but I will add them as I find them again.  Notes:  I made the Flash one first and it's hard to tell, but it is made with two alternating shades of red. I learned that stitching the entire background takes forever and that is why the Batman logo is on black aida cloth and the others do not have full backgrounds. One of the modifications I made was

I'm Back!

What a long, complicated summer this has been for me. I relaunched this blog, then got hit by a big whammy of "life stuff" and completely forgot about my fledgling little blog for months. Things have more or less settled down now and I can start updating again. First up: What am I reading? In anticipation of the newest Dresden Files book, Peace Talks , I did a speed re-read of all the books (minus the short stories). Most of these books I hadn't read in years and it has been an interesting journey heading back through them. One I'm working on putting into words. What am I stitching?  If anyone is on my other social media platforms ( Twitter , Instagram ), then you have been seeing some of what I've been sewing. I've begun building a page here with pictures of my cross-stitch pieces, and will be including some embroidery, too. I'm pretty new to embroidery so I don't have a lot of finished pieces, yet. And finally: What am I writing? My murder mystery n

Cinderella Cross-stitch

I've started a series of Cross-Stitch patterns based on Disney Princess Silhouettes. The patterns are not my own and can be found here . However, I am altering the colour schemes of the silhouettes to add a little bit of my own personality to them. My first one is Cinderella: This pattern caught my eye because I love the clock design and how it is more than a silhouette. It captures one of the key moments of the story: the moment before the clock strikes midnight. The original piece:      I chose to maintain the blue colour theme because of the original piece and to honour Cinderella's blue dress. As I complete each princess, I'll be adding a colour scheme that I feel reflects the piece. Pictures from my version:        Front                                                            Back I chose a navy blue for the main silhouette with differing shades of blue chosen for contrast. I made some counting mistakes as I worked on it, so you might notice that it's shaped a l